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Beautiful, Flawless, Photo-Ready Skin

Revitol Pore Minimizer is a definitive speedy fix for immaculate, photograph ready skin. It fits flawlessly into any individual's regimen – skincare or cosmetics – on account of its amazing capacity to immediately conceal the presence of pores and mattify shine. This satiny, smooth Pore Minimizer formula floats onto clean skin or on top of cosmetics leaving an un-tinted, powder finish. Its exceptional mix of natural ingredients gives persistent pore refining advantages, and skin looks and feels smoother, more uniform and shine-free.

Revitol pore minimizer
pore minimizing products

Pore Minimizer by Revitol
- Hides and Refines Pores
- Instantly Mattifies Shine
- Absorbs Excess Oil & Helps Regulate Oil Production
- Smoothes and Evens Skins Appearance

  • NO Painful Injections
  • NO Expensive Laser Treatment
  • NO Invasive Surgery

Revitol Pore Minimizer is designed to successfully reduce the presence of enlarged pores. Pore minimizer controls and absorbs excess oils, keeps up skin flexibility and strength and delicately exfoliates to uproot wax or dirt build-up that can clog up and assist stretched pores.With a propelled formula with widespread appeal, it's suitable for most skin types: dry, oily or showing visible signs of aging. The outcome is amazing - skin that appears firmer, less oily, less shine and stays fresh and smooth for the duration of the day. Notwithstanding reducing pore size, its patented formula uproots dull, dry surface cells and lifts pore-clogging impurities for a brilliant composition with less breakouts, So what are you waiting for, order pore minimizer today.

 pore minimizer


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 Real People...Amazing Results!

Alyssa Munn - Verified Purchase

Not only me, but my 3 teenage daughters saw a difference in a few days. I love how it helps my skin look smoother and flawless, and they love how it mattes their skin out and gets rid of that oily shine. This is truly god’s gift to earth and I’ve used it at least 3 or 4 times a week for the last 5 months. Revitol is Amazing.

Becky Halpert - Verified Purchase

One thin layer of Revitol’s awesome pore minimizer is all it takes to clear everything out of your skin. I feel my skin tighten and my pores are noticeably smaller, especially when I look in my magnifying mirror. (used to terrify me) The combo of cleansing and moisturizing is great and it makes my skin look better than ever. UPDATE: Something I didn’t expect. Been about 2 months after I started, and my fine lines around my mouth and eyes are pretty much gone? I don’t know how it happened but it’s pretty amazing!


Pore Minimiser Reviews

Maricuz Rivero - Verified Purchase

The coolest part about this product is that you can actually feel it working. Which is so important when you buy something online. You wonder “Is this really going to work, and if it doesn’t, am I screwed?” Their money-back policy convinced me it was risk-free, so I bought it. My FIRST application of Revitol and I literally felt the cream PULLING the dirt out of my pores. My face looks smooth, clean, and not oily. I’ve used a bunch of home remedies and pharmacy creams, and Revitol is the only thing that left me feeling clean AND moisturized. Best decision I’ve ever made.


Revitol Pore Minimizer Is The Answer To Alot Of You Questions That You Have Been Asking. This Is The Solution To: How To Shrink Pores, What Is The Best Pore Minimiser, How To Reduce Pore Size,
What Is The Best Pore Cleanser To Reduce Pores On face and Nose.

Tammy Wittset - Verified Purchase

I have really really sensitive skin so I was worried this product would contain too many chemicals for me to use it like I needed to. But Revitol has always made good products and I knew they were focusing on safety and comfort. This product is really amazing. It doesn’t burn, itch, or anything that other products have caused in the past, but it completely cleanses my pores and gets all that gunk out, leaving them noticeably smaller. It’s done wonders for my face, all the while leaving my skin feel moisturized and revitalized instead of like I just had a chemical peel! I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable minimizer.

Anonymous - Verified Purchase

Omg I love this product and used the first shipment sooooo fast. I wanted to order more, but apparently the word got out on Revitol and people are buying them out. I called them and they said they were on back order and can’t keep up with the orders. Once they fix that and start making more, I’ll update my post with five stars!


The Only Pore Minimizing Product You Will Need!
It Does What It Says On The Tin ~ Shrink Pores

Giving You Beautiful, Flawless, Photo-Ready Skin

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